The power of pampering yourself

To-do lists are a big part of my daily life. My time management depends on them, in fact. Without these lists, I often end up forgetting important tasks (like going to the bank and paying bills). I also forget to take little breaks from the important tasks to do things like: read for pleasure, make food that I can enjoy tomorrow on my lunch break at work, listen to a great mix on 8tracks, etc.

The relaxation bits are just as important as the business bits. If you don’t agree, then you should consider the importance of pampering yourself.

Admittedly, I often spend money I can’t afford to spend on things like sparkly nail polish and makeup. But I firmly believe in retail therapy and furthermore, in the power of buying products that make me feel empowered. So when I walk into a Lush Cosmetics or hop onto DressGreen’s shop on Etsy, it’s with that idea in mind.

Today, my to-do list consists of: editing articles, helping friends with their work, cleaning the bathroom, doing several loads of laundry, helping my parents cook dinner, and reading. I decided, after cleaning the bathroom, that I wanted to take a bath. I haven’t done so in weeks, largely because I never have the time (or I’m not home on the days that I do).

Let me tell you: this bath might be the best bath I’ve taken in years.

Thanks to the utter kindness of AR‘s mom, who gave me an Easter basket when I visited last weekend, I was able to immerse myself in a scalding hot tub full of bright pink, bubbly water. Part of her Easter basket contained a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics, as well as a bubble bath carrot. The entire bathroom smelled absolutely heavenly, especially when I unearthed and lit a soy candle from my dresser that I haven’t lit since I received it as a gift several years ago.

I spent over an hour soaking in the tub, relaxing and furthering my reread of Harry Potter and the Prizoner of AzkabanAfter the water started to go cold, I ran some more and scrubbed my entire body with the last of a creamsicle-scented body scrub that I love. (Now that it’s gone, I get to used the coffee-scented one I ordered last week, a scent I currently use every day in bar soap form. Yes!) Then I shaved my legs. Then I showered.

I feel fantastic. I still need to do the laundry, finish my reread of this Harry Potter book (so that I can move on to the next), help my parents cook dinner, and do some more work. But I’ll be doing all of that with a new sense of purpose and more energy than I had this morning — all because I took a break and got in the tub.

Pampering yourself can make you feel refreshed and invigorated, as well as empowered. Taking little breaks to take care of yourself, even if it seems frivolous, will help get you through even the most daunting of to-do lists and the worst of days. Sometimes, a simple cup of coffee or a new manicure can help me feel better about a terribly stressful day at work. I may spend too much money on things that make me feel good, but the point is that they make me feel good. And in my opinion, that’s all that matters.

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