The birthday khaleesi has a crown of flowers

I turn 23 years old in five days. That’s a pretty weird thought. I’ve passed both ages of legality and graduated college. I currently live at home and work retail. I haven’t completed most of the goals I optimistically set for myself in high school to have completed by this age. In two years, I can rent a car and my body will stop physically maturing (it will also start shrinking, a fact I learned in my Biology of Aging class — thanks, professor!). But for now, I’m just trying to figure things out and get to a point where I’m on my own and doing something I love.

Of course, birthday parties aren’t really a thing anymore. However, while I may be past the age where birthday parties are the norm, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate my birthday. I’m not hitting a milestone this year. So I guess I’ll have to make up for that with an awesome day devoted to things I love.

On Tuesday, I’ll be spending the day in Rhode Island with two of my favorite people in the entire world. We’ll be going to the beach, drinking Awful Awfuls, eating awesome food, driving around listening to music in my car, etc. I absolutely cannot wait — since we tentatively made this plan a few weeks ago, I’ve been practically vibrating with anticipation.

In preparation for Tuesday’s festivities, I spent yesterday afternoon with one of the favorite people mentioned above, making flower crowns. It seems these accessories are staples of any proper hipster wardrobe, but I also just think they’re really pretty. I’ve wanted to make one since I saw Melonlady’s, which are gorgeous and totally work with her style. Using tips from a tutorial Chelsea found, I compiled a flower crown made of wire, fake flowers, and floral tape in just a couple hours.

My favorite colors are purple and green, so of course I had to use those colors to create my crown. I used small purple flowers for the base, wrapping them all around the wire, and then used bigger green and purple flowers to create a tiara effect on the front of the crown.

First, I measured the circumference of my head by wrapping the wire around once. Where the end of the wire met the other side of the circle, I twisted it together to keep the size and then wrapped the wire two more times. To condense the three into one thick, strong crown base, I wrapped the wire a fourth time — but twisted it around the previous three wraps, keeping them together.

To apply the flowers, I did the same. I cut small pieces of wire and wound them around the flower stems and the wire base. BE CAREFUL! Fake flowers can be tricky. The small ones kept popping out of their plastic stems and I kept having to pick them up off the counter to find where they’d escaped. Even now that the crown is all put together, sometimes the small flowers get caught in my hair and I have to return them to their stems again. The only way to combat this issue, from what I can tell, is to superglue the flowers into their stems — but as Chelsea pointed out, superglue is dangerous for those of us not blessed with craft skills and peeling off your skin because you don’t have the right kind of nail polish remover makes you seem like Kevin Spacey in Seven.

Crown2Anyway! Once I’d arranged and attached all of my flowers, I wrapped floral tape (green, self-adhesive tape that’s really sticky and annoying but totally does the trick) around the exposed bits of wire. The effect of this task is threefold:

  1. it makes the crown look nicer, because the wires are all hidden with neatly-wrapped green tape,
  2. it keeps the pokey bits from poking you, and
  3. it seals everything so that the wires don’t pull your hair out when you take your crown off.

Because my head is so round, I discovered that my crown only stayed securely attached to my head with the strategic placement of bobby pins. The crown isn’t particularly heavy — in fact, I no longer felt it after I got used to it being on my head (which took about half an hour). I really love the way it looks and I’m planning to wear it to Rhode Island on Tuesday — after all, the birthday princess should have a crown of flowers. As should her royal favorites, of course.

Though if I’m turning 23 years old, which is a pretty solidly adult age no matter how far behind I am on my life goals, does that make me a birthday queen? No, wait. A khaleesi. We can mix and match houses for the sake of my birthday, right? I vote yes.


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