Self Care: Blogging in the middle of a dumpster fire

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, it seems like every day stems some new horror that cannot possibly be real. And yet, these horrors are real, these things are happening, and it feels like every time I open Twitter or check my e-mail, there’s some new bullshit to choke down.

In the last week, I’ve made almost daily calls to my senators and representatives, signed petitions, protested at the Rhode Island State House, donated to the ACLU, read about volunteer opportunities at my local Planned Parenthood, and advocated for myself and others in both online and face-to-face conversations. I’ve unfriended three people on Facebook, including someone from my family, reached out to people to thank them for standing up against this fascist administration, and checked in with friends as often as possible to make sure that they’re doing okay, that they’re surviving, that the soul-consuming error of the last week hasn’t eaten them alive.

I’ve also made a promise to myself to keep going, which has become my mantra over the last two years as I’ve dealt with personal battle after personal battle, from financial to emotional to physical.

As an act of self care in the midst of resisting, as hard as I can, in any way possible, I’m going to keep using this blog the way that I always have — to talk about things that make me happy, like food and books and video games and music. I want to keep talking about spirituality and cycling and products I love. I think having this blog, for the next four years, is going to help keep me sane in a big way.

So if you, reader, need a safe space to talk about those things in the midst of the world unraveling, I hope you can find that here.


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