Product Review: Three Girls Vegan Mini Aged Cashew Cheese Wheels

I know I’ve been raving a lot about Three Girls Vegan Creamery, but I can’t help it! Every time we try one of their products, I’m blown away by how tasty it is. We recently placed an order (for Valentine’s Day dessert!) and got some samples of other products in the box, which was wonderful. Cheese box deliveries are absolutely my new favorite thing. The sense of anticipation leading up to this delivery was so intense.

Somehow, I managed not to devour everything before Reed got home from class, and when they walked in the door I even managed to split a maple bacon, pecan and herb aged cheese pop with them rather than just eating it myself. I’m such a good partner, honestly.

The cheese pop reminded me of a cake pop in its construction, which was really creative and cool, but it was so savory! The maple bacon and pecan added an awesome crunch and the overall flavor was smoky and balanced. The cheese inside was smooth, creamy and reminded me a lot of gouda. It was delicious.

Then, there were the aged cashew cheese wheels, which we saved for a snow day. As you do.




The box came with three (adorable) mini cheese wheels: one encrusted in black peppercorn, one encrusted in paprika and red chili, and one encrusted in pumpkin seeds, cranberries, pistachios and fresh thyme. Each one was delicious.

We devoured almost the entire black pepper cheese with the help of Reed’s mom the night before the snow hit, then took out the other two to enjoy with crackers after I was sent home from work early. (Reed was already home, free of work and classes for the whole day. Snow days are the best.)

The paprika and red chili cheese was spicy, though not as spicy as the black peppercorn cheese, surprisingly. The pumpkin seed/cranberry/pistachio/time cheese was sweet but still savory and had an incredible crunch to it. All three cheeses disappeared pretty rapidly once we started eating, which ended with us being much fuller than expected from our mid-morning snack!

It’s easy to forget that these cheeses are made of cashews because they’re so reminiscent of real gourmet cheese. Either way, we should have predicted oversnacking and getting too full, but oh well. The experience was well worth it.

Reed and I have agreed, after much debate, that of these three flavors, the black peppercorn was our least favorite only because the black pepper seemed to overpower the cheese, depending on where in the wheel from which you took your slice. We cannot decide on a favorite between the paprika/red chili and the pumpkin seed — they’re so different, but so equally yummy.

I guess we’ll just have to order another box and see if we get any closer to making a decision, yeah?

If you’re interested in checking out these amazing little gourmet cheeses, click here and don’t say I didn’t warn you that they are addictive.


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