Product Review: Kite Hill Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli

My partner and I went vegan almost 18 months ago. The change has been great for both of us and we both agree that we’re generally healthier, happier, and more energetic without animal products bogging down our bodies. We’ve found substitutes for a lot of the food we used to enjoy (even garbage junk food like Hot Pockets: when a craving for frozen pizza hits, the Tofurkey Pepp’roni pockets are goddamn good).

We’ve also discovered a ton of new foods (like sweet potatoes!) and we’re finding new products and foods to try all the time, as well as new cooking techniques and cool uses for things we never would have thought to use in our food. (Speaking of, has anyone tried aquafaba? It’s on my list, but I never even worked with egg whites pre-veganism, so I’m a little intimidated!)

The one thing we’ve both been craving hardcore has been pre-made ravioli. I made vegan ravioli from scratch with some friends for my partner’s birthday two years ago, which was a super cool experience, but it was really time-consuming and isn’t something I necessarily want to commit to doing after a full shift at work or a full day of cleaning or running errands. Pre-made ravioli was a favorite pre-veganism because it was something we could pick up and throw in the fridge or freezer until we were ready to cook it, then throw it in a pot, whip up some tomato sauce and enjoy.

We ventured into the fresh pasta section at our local Whole Foods this week in search of the vegan veggie ravioli that’s sold at some locations and instead discovered two types of vegan ravioli by Kite Hill, a brand we’ve recently become fond of because of their bomb almond-based cream cheese spreads.

Since my partner doesn’t like mushrooms, we bypassed the mushroom and ricotta ravioli and picked up two packages of the spinach and ricotta ravioli. We prepared it two ways to determine if it could fill the gaping, pre-made ravioli void in our hearts. Our questions about this product were:

  1. Can we have this ravioli with tomato sauce and enjoy the flavor? Will it be filling enough with some greens and garlic bread on the side?
  2. Can we bread this ravioli and fry it? Will it hold up under the breadcrumb batter and olive oil?

We answered the first set of questions the night we bought the ravioli. The almond ricotta has a tangy, salty flavor that’s really delicious. The spinach combination is perfect and the ravioli are sized well so that one package is perfect for two people. They cook in about five minutes in boiling water and taste great served up with some lightly seasoned tomato sauce. Winner!

The next afternoon, we used Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg to adhere a basic panko breadcrumb batter to the uncooked ravioli. I fried them up in olive oil, the way we used to do, and they turned out super well and were extremely tasty, if a little rich. I’ll post the recipe for the fried ravioli this weekend, because they’re too good not to share.

Overall, our experience with Kite Hill’s spinach and ricotta ravioli was a good one. I’ll definitely buy this product again in the future, though it’s not going to be a regular item on our grocery list. I’m hung-up on the price ($8 a box, which is steep for one meal). It will be good for an occasional easy indulgence, though.

My only other complaint about this product is that each box we purchased contained 11 ravioli. That’s not a divisible number! I would have been much happier with 12 or even 10 ravioli. Something that you can split evenly. Eleven is just… wrong.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

If you’re in the mood for good vegan ravioli and don’t want to dedicate a whole afternoon to making it from scratch, I highly recommend checking out the Kite Hill brand. Kite Hill products are available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.


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