New to Me Music: Last Letters

New music time! This one also hit me via email, but it’s a much different vibe from my last featured artist.

New England pop-punk vet Charles Iwuc released his first solo EP under the moniker Last Letters on Friday, Nov. 11. Nothing to Write Home About is a seven-track, self-produced record that sounds like the softer side of Enema of the State.

The EP kicks off with a slow, melodic acoustic track about being lifted by the love of whoever Iwuc is serenading. I love the tone of it. There seems to be an increasing trend in albums across genres starting with a slow, emotional song and then moving into harder-hitting tracks; I’m not sure I like it in every instance, though here it seems to work. “Hold On” sets a good precedent lyrically for the rest of the album, though the rest of the songs are significantly more energetic and bouncy.

Nothing to Write Home About is a quick listen that sounds like it would translate really well live — it’s the kind of music that makes you want to jump around in a pit and shout along.

love it.

“Twenty-Two” stands out as one of the more memorable tunes, with a chorus that’s all about floor sex — exactly the kind of content I expect from pop punk but rarely actually get. “One Cannon” is a great nod to complicated, long distance (physical or emotional, I’m honestly not sure) relationships: “she makes me want to drive all night / and when I get to her door, I’m alright.”

Iwuc’s vocals are shockingly similar to Tom Delonge’s, though his lyrical content is a bit more mature. He strikes similarities to Ace Enders and a Million Different People or Jimmy Eat World in softer moments, which balances out the Delonge-isms nicely.

I think Last Letters would fit especially well on an AP tour, especially with the similarities to early ’00s bands, which all seem to be making a huge comeback recently.

I’m definitely excited to see where Iwuc goes with this record — I’m eager to see Last Letters on stage someday soon.

You can stream Nothing to Write Home About on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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