New to Me Music: Fossil Youth

New music! I haven’t done of these in a while. Damn. You can thank my email for this one!

Oklahoma-based pop punk band Fossil Youth has a new album, A Glimpse of Self Joy, coming out on November 4. I heard about it in an email blast from Take This to Heart Records and I won’t lie — I read the email, filed it under my blog tab with a note to take a deeper look later, and forgot about it. That was a week ago.

Now, I have some down time and the apartment to myself, so I’m streaming the record at full blast.

According to the email I got, Fossil Youth rocks a lot like Taking Back Sunday and Citizen. I’ve loved the former for over a decade, though I’m not as familiar with the latter. (I keep meaning to listen to some of Citizen’s stuff and then I never get around to it. Sigh. But maybe that’s fodder for the next NTMM?)

In listening to A Glimpse of Self Joy, particularly the opening track and single “Watercolor Daydream”, I don’t disagree with the comparison to TBS. There are definitely echoes of early Adam Lazzara in the lyrical content and vocal stylings, but—

Honestly? Fossil Youth sounds like Cartel and The Spill Canvas had a baby.

I like it.

This is classic midwest pop punk/emo fusion, the kind of music that’s bouncy and will get stuck in your head with excellent guitar riffs and a tortured-sounding lead vocalist. It’s definitely worth a listen.

I suspect I’ll be seeing Fossil Youth on an upcoming Warped Tour line-up, or maybe even on tour with some of my favorite bands. I’m excited to actually know the lyrics to some of the songs when I do.

You can stream the first two singles from A Glimpse of Self Joy on Spotify and pre-order the record here.

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