Mixtape: 27

Last night Reed spent about an hour before bed completing a music meme. The goal seemed simple: make a playlist featuring one song from every year you’ve been alive. Reed said, “that sounds like a challenge!” and proceeded to meet it with a cohesive mix of awesome music.

When I tried to tackle the challenge this afternoon, I went on… a journey. Given how broad my taste in music is (and how fiercely I love pop music), some of the choices I had to make were really difficult. And this mix definitely isn’t cohesive, but I kind of love it.

For the record, I was born on May 7, 1990. I’ll be 27 in a little over a month (wtf) and I definitely included a new release from 2017 on this mix, so there’s 28 songs total. It’s almost two hours long and probably says a lot about me. Also, did I mention this was hard as hell? God.

Photo Credit Emily Blincoe

1990: “Personal Jesus” — Depeche Mode
1991: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” — Nirvana
1992: “Killing In the Name” — Rage Against the Machine
1993: “Heart-Shaped Box” — Nirvana
1994: “Basket Case” — Green Day
1995: “You Oughta Know” — Alanis Morissette
1996: “Criminal” — Fiona Apple
1997: “Semi-Charmed Life” — Third Eye Blind
1998: “What It’s Like” — Everlast
1999: “Scar Tissue” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
2000: “It Makes Me Ill” — *NSYNC
2001: “Fat Lip” — Sum 41
2002: “Sk8er Boi” — Avril Lavigne
2003: “Ocean Avenue” — Yellowcard
2004: “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” — Say Anything
2005: “Dark Blue” — Jack’s Mannequin
2006: “Mama” — My Chemical Romance
2007: “Teddy Picker” — Arctic Monkeys
2008: “I Will Possess Your Heart” — Death Cab for Cutie
2009: “Photosynthesis” — Frank Turner
2010: “Underdog” — You Me At Six
2011: “You Da One” — Rihanna
2012: “Kiss You” — One Direction
2013: “The Phoenix” — Fall Out Boy
2014: “Carry Me” — Bombay Bicycle Club
2015: “The Plan (Fuck Jobs)” — The Front Bottoms
2016: “DVP” — PUP
2017: “Sleepover” — Hayley Kiyoko

Listen on Spotify here.

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