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I’m lucky enough to have a fiancé who cleans on a regular basis. Our apartment never looks a total disaster and that’s mostly because AR does such a great job keeping up with it. I’m a lucky, lucky woman. Today, in honor of Galentine’s Day, we opted to clean together. As I write, our bed is stripped of sheets, blankets and pillow cases, there’s laundry waiting to be folded (which I’ll get to after this post goes live, I swear), the dishwasher* is running, and the floors have been thoroughly swept.

Cleaning in our apartment doesn’t just entail eliminating dirt, dust, and crumbs, though. We’ve both learned that cleansing our apartment spiritually is just as important as cleaning it physically. Psychic build-up (or energy tension, or whatever you want to call it) can make a space feel just as dirty as a pile of clothes on the floor.

Maybe you’re not into the whole ~magic~ thing. Maybe you think the idea of psychic energy is ridiculous. I don’t. AR doesn’t. We’ve been able to help ourselves, each other, and lots of friends deal with problems ranging from infinitesimal to massive using really basic, meditation-based techniques. We have lots of tools at our disposal — candles, tarot decks, crystals, pendulums, and herbs, to name a few — but some of our best spiritual tools are simple, every day objects. I’ve decided to post a few tips for people who might want to do some spring cleaning and cleansing of their own.

1. Keep It Clean!

I love to use candles, incense, and herbs to burn unwanted scents and sensations out of my living spaces. Whether someone has just let go a terrible fart (because let’s face it, all of us do) or there’s a lingering smell of burnt garlic from a dinner experiment gone wrong, having some incense on hand is always a good idea. AR and I have a full basket of different scents that we like, so that we can light a stick of it whenever it seems necessary. Sometimes it’s nice just to light incense for the smell even if you’re not trying to usher out another, more unpleasant one. We don’t use chemicals or sprays. We try hard to buy candles that are sustainably sourced and made and that don’t use artificial perfumes to get their scents. The cleaner your air, the cleaner your body and the cleaner your mind. Don’t pollute your nose with harsh things!

2. Keep It Simple!

Household objects can do a wealth of good for the spiritual health of yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and your home. One of the best tips we ever got for breaking up unwanted tension or weird feelings in our apartment came from a good friend of ours who’s been practicing for years. She suggested we hang bells — regular bells, like the ones you’d find at a craft store (we bought a bag at Michael’s) — from the door handles in our apartment and rattle them whenever we felt like there was an unwanted presence. This trick works beautifully. Even now, in our current living space (which feels far more open, welcoming, and safe than our first apartment), sometimes we ring the bells to clear the air. It helps us relax, it keeps the cats from obsessing on unseen dangers, and it makes the whole room feel brighter and more open, no matter the time of day.

3. Keep It Personal!

I’ve carried the same pendulum for years. It’s one that I purchased at a tiny shop in Salem, Mass. while I was on a trip with friends in college and it’s brought me peace in chaotic periods of my life ever since. Sometimes, it makes my mind feel more chaotic, but that’s usually when I allow my panic to get the best of me. I use this pendulum, as well as crystals picked up at one of those hokey spiritualism shops in the mall, to keep myself balanced when I’m stressing about life’s many what ifs. I don’t talk to people about my pendulum (except for AR, and even that’s rare), or my crystals, or what they mean or what kind of meaning I put into them. If you use objects or talismans to keep yourself grounded, keeping those things to yourself can make them feel even more powerful. Choose things that have meaning to you, then infuse them with more meaning. You might be surprised at the result.


4. Food Has Power!

No, I’m not talking about comfort eating, though that’s definitely something that comes into play on really bad days. I’m talking about utilizing food to help your spellwork. BUT THAT’S A WASTE! THAT’S SILLY! DON’T DO THAT! Yeah, yeah. Listen: there are few tools more powerful than dried herbs, oils, and salt. (You’re thinking to yourself, “oh, salt, like they use on shows like Supernatural, lol, okay, sure,” but I promise you, salt has power.) When I want a clean space to meditate, write, or otherwise operate in, my first go-to is some basic sea salt. I keep some in a small mason jar that stays on my altar, with my other sacred objects, and whenever I need to make a space feel clean, I sprinkle a little in a circle (whether in a border around me or just in the area where I’m working) and then bless the space with positive thought. Likewise, I like to burn herbs and/or candles with ingredients like lavender and bergamot to invite positivity, or lemongrass to invite good change, or peppermint to purify and release bad vibes.

5. Keep Trying!

Many people have told me that they don’t understand the appeal of reading tarot or asking questions of pendulums, because it’s so easy to just manipulate those tools into reading how you want them to read. I don’t necessarily think that’s incorrect — because of the subjective nature of these things, it definitely is easy to read the answers you want rather than the answers that are there. Hell, I visited an actual, paid psychic some years ago and got all kinds of answers from her that sounded great at the time but later sounded like a lot of bollocks. But what I’ve discovered is that if you keep trying, you’ll eventually find the answers you need and not just the ones you want. Don’t be afraid of your own intuition. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that might frighten you. Those are usually the ones you need answers to most.


For more tips and tricks, I’d recommend checking out some of the blogs on the list below — they’re a bit more organized than me, and a bit more informative. There’s a lot of information available to make this kind of thing easy and even fun! Hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

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* Our dishwasher’s name is Steve, for two reasons: 1) Steve Rogers would look really cute doing dishes and 2) we feel that a man should have to do the worst chore in the house.


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