I haven’t made a new post since May…

If you’ve been reading The Verbal Thing regularly (which would be a feat and you are commended for it), you know that I don’t post as consistently as I’d like. To be completely honest, since I started this blog, my goals for it have often fallen by the wayside as life has repeatedly kicked me in the ass.

At the start of 2016, I told myself that I would post at least once a month. That obviously hasn’t happened and I won’t make excuses for it, but… If you stick around, I promise there’s more to come. 2016 has been a wild ride and I’ve been presented with some really awesome opportunities that I never could have foreseen. I’ve also made some major, important changes to my life as a whole. I’m hoping to reflect on those opportunities and changes in posts to come. I’m also hoping to bring y’all new content that you’ll love, which has always been my priority when it comes to The Verbal Thing.

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See you soon!

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