Christmas 2016: “I Don’t Want Any Coal” (Seriously, Though)

IT’S DECEMBER and for once, I’m not sick of Christmas music yet. Even when the playlist at work stuck me in a never-ending loop of “Holly Jolly Christmas” last week, I didn’t feel any slow-burn rage about it. I think, perhaps, this lack of anger toward holiday jingles is coming from my determination to enjoy as much as possible given the general state of the world right now.

Whatever the reason, I’m running with it. Bring on the presents! And please, play more NSync, too.

If that’s not your jam, I’ve got something on the punkier side to offer. Think “Happy Holidays, You Bastard”, but with fewer profanities. And less uncomfortable sexcapades. Ahem.

In the spirit of Christmas, Charles Iwuc (a.k.a. Last Letters, whose new EP I reviewed last month) has released a new single, “I Don’t Want Any Coal”. The song dropped on Monday on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, and it’s catchy as hell. Iwuc invites Santa to get drunk and explain how he travels so fast and fits through all those chimneys, and promises that he’s been good all year.

And if you leave something bitchin’
Under the tree
I’ll give you a handle
Of your favorite whiskey

Iwuc’s vocals shine over quick guitar riffs and solid bass lines, everything coming together with an excellent drumbeat. The instrumental break in the middle of the song features lines from famous carols rocked out on guitar and the song closes with a classic “na na na” outro.

If you love or hate Christmas music, “I Don’t Want Any Coal” is worth a listen. It’ll probably get stuck in your head; I’m not sorry. Check out the lyric video below. And for more Last Letters, follow for updates on Facebook.

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