Checking In: Anxiety, roommates, and writing

I guess it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Last time I wrote anything for The Verbal Thing, it was April. Now it’s June, the weather is better (er… sort of), and there are — as always — some major life changes occurring!

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ve seen me writing a lot for Rogues Portal and Culturess. I’ve been talking about “The 100”, “Sense8”, other TV, music, celebrities, etc, and having a lot of fun. I’ve also been trying to consistently produce quality content for The TV Thing, which has been interesting given that 2/3 of my first choices for shows to feature were canceled in the midst of me writing about them.

Womp, womp.

Going through the motions of writing and producing content has been one of the only things I’ve managed in spite of my ever-increasing anxiety. My mental health has been on the fritz in a big way, which may or may not have to do with my period.

On Friday, I started taking medication for anxiety. I’ve never taken anything like it before and I’m hoping — really hoping — that it helps. I’ve been going to therapy for a year and a half, which has been great for providing coping mechanisms, but at this point it would seem that coping mechanisms aren’t enough.

Here’s hoping that things get a little easier moving forward. Constant vigilance is hard to maintain, because it’s exhausting. It also makes me irritable and moody. I don’t like snapping at the people I love.

Getting on medication for anxiety also comes at a time when life is rapidly changing. I changed my work schedule (temporarily) for some reprieve from the stress it causes. I am looking for work in my actual field. And on top of all of that…

We got a roommate!

For three years, my partner and I have lived with just each other. Adding another person to the mix has, so far, been an adjustment for all of us. It’s been just a few days, but I think the experience is going to be, overall, a really good one.

The last time I had a roommate was in college, and it was a wholly different thing. We were randomly paired and we lived in a tiny, square room together. Privacy was a luxury we each had to take advantage of when the other was out.

Occupying an apartment with a roommate is so different. I can’t wait to see how things go.

Now that summer’s here, I’ll be around this space more. I want to write about our adventures (biking! hiking! camping! museums!) and dive into this mental health journey. I hope you’ll all stick around for the ride.

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