IMG_2922Since August 2012, this blog has been a constant work in progress, its overall focus and intention changing somewhat regularly. I suppose that makes it kind of a crappy blog, but it’s also a pretty personal one, since it feels like my life keeps changing its overall focus and intention all the time.

If you’re here, here’s what you should know:

Blog Stuff: On The Verbal Thing, you’ll find recipes, reviews, recommendations, rants, reflections, and a handful links to things that I care about.

Author Stuff: I’m a full-time barista with a degree in journalism, philosophy and women’s studies. Eventually, I’d like to own and run a farm animal sanctuary with my fiancé.

Other Stuff: If I’m not making coffee or writing, I’m likely reading, cycling, spoiling my cats, whipping up vegan food or playing the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic competitive card game (see my current deck here). (If you want to battle me on Hearthstone, my battle tag is PeachSlug.) I also collect tattoos, go to concerts, make vague travel plans for the future, camp, hike, and hang out on social media.

Hire Me: I love getting paid to produce content! I also love reviewing music and books. Send inquires to