Since August 2012, this blog has been a constant work in progress, its overall focus and intention changing somewhat regularly. I suppose that makes it kind of a crappy blog, but it’s also a pretty personal one, since it feels like my life keeps changing its overall focus and intention all the time.

If you’re here, here’s what you should know:

Blog Stuff: On The Verbal Thing, you’ll find recipes, reviews, recommendations, rants, reflections, and a handful links to things that I care about.

Author Stuff: I’m a freelance writer, editor, and social media manager who currently resides in southern New England with my partner and three cats. I’m a full-time barista with a degree in journalism, philosophy and women’s studies. You can find my writing all over the web. Like everyone else in the world, I’m working on a book.

Geek Stuff: Check out what I’m reading on League of Comic Geeks and GoodReads. See what I’m listening to on LastFM. And last but not least, see my current My Little Pony Competitive Card Game deck here.

Hire Me: I love getting paid to produce content! I also love reviewing music and books. Send inquires to